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Is NOLA Native Frank Ocean Renting His FQ Double to Solange?

Grab your sleeping bag, put on those footie pajamas, and cuddle up to that pillow for some gossip. Just this week, a bizarre tip about NOLA bride-to-be Solange Knowles got sent our way. Solange, it seems, had finally settled on a place after her Bywater move was a bust. She's allegedly all moved into a home on the 900 block of St. Ann in the French Quarter and, according to the tipster she's "already wanting to install security cameras because she's worried that her neighbors can see into her yard from a back balcony... and already pissing every one of those neighbors off." Curbed NOLA did a bit of digging as to the last property that sold on that block, and well, we certainly turned up some interesting results.

According to a public real estate transfer notice dated September 12th, the multi-unit home of 927-929 St. Ann was the most recent property sold on the 900 block to a "Noble Jones Trust" for $1.375M. This fairly cleverly disguised trust (fun fact: Noble Jones is a prominent music video director and filmmaker) is the only one that shares an address with Frank Ocean Touring, Inc.

Ocean, whose real name is Christopher Breaux, is a New Orleans native and, like many New Orleanians, one hell of a musician. He's also presumably not the type of guy to buy an entire circa 1820s double to solely occupy himself. We've reached out to Solange's pr for a comment as well as the Odd Future crooner's but have yet to hear back. In the meantime, if you've got a juicy tip or any idea what's going on with this tale of celeb real estate, hit is up on the tipline.

Oh, and be nice to your neighbors.

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