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Minty Fresh Fontainbleau Double Needs Love, Asks $310K

We must admit, what caught our attention about 2815 Broadway St was mostly surface level. Yes, Curbed NOLA judged a book by its cover — a very, very minty fresh to forest green book. This circa 1940s double clocks in at 2,958 square feet and may actually pay for itself once you've given its interior a bit of love. Rooms need finishing and questions need answering, however.

Photos show maybe two bedrooms total and a bathroom, which is pretty much the only numbers you can go off of given the fact that zero bedrooms and zero bathrooms are listed on both Trulia and Keller Williams' actual listing page.

In pushing this "highly desirable neighborhood" and all its investment glory, KW committed an even bigger sin than our superficiality — they forgot to actually list the basics. $310K gets you a vibrant mystery home with lots of natural light, a porch and balcony, and who knows what else?

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