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Belle Chasse Tops List of Median LA Four Bed, Two Baths

Coldwell Banker made a list of how horrifyingly expensive home prices are across the country to help make us feel a little bit colder during the freeze. Rest assured, New Orleans isn't nearly as close to the high prices of the Bay Area, whose leader of the pack status allows for the median price of a four bedroom, two bathroom home to hit almost $2M in Los Altos. So, how did the metro rank against the rest of the state?

The largest town in Plaquemines is surely feeling larger than ever. Belle Chasse's median home price (and keep in mind these are all for four bedroom, two baths because apparently that's a hot market item or something) tops the state at $314,575. Metairie is a distant third at $279,538 with Mandeville and Covington falling shortly behind. Where does New Orleans rank? Absolutely in the middle of the 32 city list at $220,258. posed the question that maybe there aren't that many nuclear family four bedroom homes in the city — it's a question we're also wondering as well.

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