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Exclusive Look at Where Solange Wed Over the Weekend

Solange Knowles wed Alan Ferguson in a beautiful, all-white wedding at the Marigny Opera House. Solange has shown that she's committed to New Orleans, going so far as to bike through the Marigny post-wedding and enjoying some pre-wedding festivities at the nearby Indywood theatre just on the outskirts of the neighborhood. What's truly as funky and free-spirited as the artist and her beau is the wedding venue. Curbed NOLA had the chance to not only tour 725 St Ferdinand St but explore every nook and cranny of the place in an exclusive walk through and photo shoot.

This Theodore Giraud-designed church was built in 1853, though it's gone through many changes in its 150+ year life. In fact, current state is slightly worse for ware than before Solange's wedding — the nuptials somehow managed to break off a piece of wood and portions of the stairs leading to the front of house section above its ground floor.

The Marigny Opera House is taking it in stride and is all set for another celebration in the form of the New Orleans Fringe Festival. We'll have an additional piece on the venue's history and uses outside of celebrity weddings coming soon. In the meantime, here's where Solange and Alan Ferguson tied the knot.

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