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Morris Adjmi-Designed Home That "Took a Year" Asks $1.875M

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You know the exaggerated phrase of someone "taking a year" to do something? NY-based architect and design magnate Morris Adjmi literally did just that when choosing materials to craft 7401 Onyx St. Hitting the market at $1.875M, this Lake Vista four bedroom was completed in 2009 with disasters most definitely in mind — the previous home was sadly lost in Hurricane Katrina. Adjmi goes hard on safety, first with the motorized shutters that immediately go up in high wind conditions, and then with elevated living space that netted it some valuable proof of flood prevention paperwork and has kept its flood insurance at just $509 a year.

This four bedroom, four bathroom contemporary home includes a pool situated right beside what essentially amounts to glass doors to let in loads of natural light on the ground floor while also making the property feel like a vacation home, or at least a hotel of some sort. Adjmi, whose firm is behind the Prudential Center and the Scholastic Building, is incredibly LEED-friendly. Thus, he made sure to stick some solar and PV panels on the roof to help with energy and the heating of water for the home and pool.

Each bedroom (with its own bathroom!) is described as a suite and definitely has its own flavor. Peep the vibrant red kids' room and try to imagine what you could stick in a room with swirling red wallpaper on all but one wall. Outside of the compound-like framing of pool and home is nearly 2,000 more square feet of land that may as well have its own moat given its imposing expanse. A fairly inviting balcony is situated above the garage, so you can at least somewhat acknowledge your neighbors as you spend your time in a hyper-modern fortress.

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