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What $600/Month or Less Rents You in New Orleans

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various New Orleans neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $600

↑ Is it possible to rent even remotely affordable in New Orleans? Folks wax poetic on the days where a two bedroom shotgun double going for $600 was the norm, yet $600 seems like a world away for rent prices. Proving that there is at least something out there for less is 1623 N. Tonti. This Seventh Ward one bedroom, one bath is one of the few upstairs units in the neighborhood and — even rarer — offers off-street parking. $550 a month gets you a window unit and all the kitchen appliance essentials. No mention on whether or not it's a pet-friendly apartment, however.

↑ We're not really sure what's up with the blurry interior shots or the many doorways caught in-camera (are you afraid of your own listing?) but, hey — affordable living across the board. Carriage House Apartments range in price from $520 a month for a one bedroom to $650 a month for a two bedroom townhouse. Standard amenities include a bit of storage space, a pool, and satellite TV, depending on which unit you choose. Their Little Woods location makes them close enough to the hubbub of the city center but far enough away to truly relax.

↑ This modest Gert Town studio apartment is the only rental that allows both cats and small dogs. Its interior is heavily tiled, as in there's tile flooring even outside of the bathroom, so area rugs may be a solid investment. At just $450 a month, you're going to have plenty of cash saved to help redecorate 7842 Olive St #A and hopefully enough leftover to invest in some appliances because we certainly don't see any in this listing.

↑ A slightly pricier apartment complex in New Orleans East, Lakewind East Apartment Homes offers 750 square foot one bedrooms at $599 a month. Amenities include a tennis court and pool for some serious outdoor recreation. A typical one bedroom even offers up a patio or balcony for even further outside enjoyment.

↑ This MetroWide Apartments banger in Central City had us at the hardwood floors. Studio apartments run for just $595 a month in this gated complex. 2316 Washington allows cats for all you cat ladies out there and wins the award for most adorable floor plan rendering as well. Wonder what clip art veggies they're chopping in there?
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