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Ambassador Hotel Renamed and Reborn with Sweeping Reno

[UPDATE:] Kate Buska with the Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery has reached out to inform us that the library will no longer be included in the hotel's plans, though they will be "doing something cool though — details to be released soon." Additionally, interim GM Steve Hoida has been replaced by John Price.

Just last year, GB Lodging LLC and Provenance Hotels purchased a multi-building parcel that included the Ambassador Hotel's five units as well as a corner lot for $15.85M. The companies, now partnered, planned to renovate immediately and renovate they did — to the tune of over $7M. In keeping with their continued vision of adaptive reuse and honoring 535 Tchop's fascinating history as a commodity storage facility and chandlery, the hotel has also chosen a new name that honors the buildings' original address.

Old No. 77 Hotel & Chandlery is set to open in the spring, along with new features that include a library, expanded kitchen, and retail later on next year. The Ambassador appears to still be accepting guests, if you're looking for a taste of what's to come. Or you could always read the hotel's reviews, complete with detailed replies from former interim GM Steve Hoida.

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