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Louisiana's Oldest Masonic Lodge Hosts Cry Me A River

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The oldest masonic lodge in Louisiana played host to Janet Levy Projects' inaugural first show, "Cry Me A River." Levy's eye for interior design helped in transforming the Etoile Polaire Lodge #1's ground floor into a welcoming gallery space for all who entered. Located at 1433 N Rampart St, the lodge is only used about twice a month for masonic meetings but is looking to expand into a multi-use venue that hopefully includes more gallery exhibitions. "Cry Me A River" takes its name from the classic torch song and explores the deeper meanings of fragility and empowerment. Artists whose works are on display included Simmons & Burke, whose dizzying collages provide a multi-faceted look at nature through artificial means, and Tanya Haden, whose medicine cabinet installation is an evocative mixed media tour de force.

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