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Mod Fontainebleau Home Drops Out of Millionaires Club

Everyone's favorite mod Fontainebleau home is back on the market and has been sitting there for about a month, waiting for you. When 4141 Vendome Pl first listed six months ago, it asked $1.223M and had a whole spread in about designer Shaun Smith, who breathed new life into the five bedroom, four bath. Smith's eye for design apparently wasn't enough to get the 5,371 square foot home snatched up, because it's now been reduced to $997K.

Despite the quarter of a million dollar price reduction, 4141 Vendome Pl still comes with "modern living amenities" or what you and I call absolute overkill. Got a lot of clothes? There's enough storage space and built-in closets to open up a boutique and stage your garments like they do at Urban Outfitters. There's also two laundry rooms to wash all those clothes and a wine room to stain those close, as well as a theatre to relax in those clothes while watching god knows what. Actual amenities include new wiring and plumbing, making this home worlds away from its 2011 price of $224K.

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