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Curbed Cup 1st Round: (2) Bywater vs (7) New Orleans East

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The Curbed Cup 2014, our second annual award to the New Orleans Neighborhood of the Year, is kicking off with eight 'hoods battling it out for the honor of a prestigious fake trophy and obviously, bragging rights. Voting for each match-up ends 24 hours after it begins. We'll showcase a neighborhood face-off per day through the week with results and the full tourney bracket reviewed on Friday. Let the eliminations begin!

To the two people who commented and emailed (respectively) that "New Orleans East needs some love" — yes, we actually listen. In an unprecedented battle of neighborhoods needing love versus the neighborhood allegedly everyone loves, we present your reigning champion the Bywater facing off against New Orleans East. The Bywater won last year's Curbed Cup thanks to its promise of rad housing, innovative dining options, and overall vibe.

Currently, the Bywater stands as the high priced place for art, up there rentals, and renovated but pricey homes. Its food options continue to dazzle with the addition of a temporary food truck lot and Red's Chinese.

Meanwhile, New Orleans East is a bastion of affordability and mixed promises. While the Audubon Nature Center looks to return, the blighted Six Flags sits untouched, save for the occasional trespassers and film crews. Often considered hidden gems a la Eater, its food options range from phenomenal pho to authentic taco trucks.
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