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Rare Fairgrounds Two Bedroom Back on the Market at $489K

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The incredibly community-oriented neighborhood right next to the Fairgrounds has little turnover after residents get an uncomplicated Jazzfest experience and find themselves surrounded by great restaurants, coffee shops, and even a grocery store. It comes as a surprise that 1613 N Lopez St is for sale. Even more surprising? This is its second time on the market this year.

Way back in April, this two bedroom, two bath listed for $537,500 — a full $48,500 more than its current asking price now that it's back. The property clocks in at 2,070 square feet and with an incredibly open, airy floor plan thanks to the knocking down of quite a few walls. Two landlocked fireplaces that are essentially their own islands now and loads of prairie glass above doorways make for some quirky accents, as do the red french doors and windows lining the back of the house towards the backyard. With so much pizzazz, is 1513 N Lopez St finally worth its price?

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