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Curbed Cup 2014 Round One Recap: The Final Four Revealed

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The results are in and these are your final four neighborhoods to make it to the next round of Curbed Cup 2014 — MidCity, the Garden District, Uptown, and the Bywater. Our number one and number two seeds (MidCity and the Bywater, respectively) handily won but it was the Garden District and Uptown with the upsets. In all, MidCity scored the most total votes with 79 and Uptown was a distant second with 47. The lowest amount of votes garnered? New Orleans East, which one commenter described as "just a shithole." Curbed NOLA still loves you, New Orleans East. Better luck next year. Our final four competitors face off next week with MidCity going head to head against the Garden District and Uptown facing off against reigning champion the Bywater. Which neighborhood will make it to the final round? You decide next week!

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