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Mod French Quarter Home Returns Cheaper, But With a Catch

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Here we were, so excited to see 825 Dumaine St return to the market slightly cheaper but still fresh as ever. A refresher for those of you late to the yearlong saga of the Creole cottage delisting and relisting — built in 1831, revitalized by architect Lee Ledbetter, and with a floating staircase, wine closet, and pool. Back in November of last year, this two bedroom, three bath home was asking $2.4M. Its current price is now $600K cheaper.

Remember the bevy of parking spots that were also offered at 825 Dumaine St? Well, they're still there and you're now required to buy all seven of them if you want the house. What's the price? $600K. With tactics like that, it's little wonder 825 Dumaine St has been back on the market for 156 days to no avail. Feast your eyes on the "Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired" touches and let us know if the mod home is worth its hefty ask.

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