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632 Tchoup Returns Slightly Scaled Back, A Little Less Even

You know that bizarre parking garage on Tchop with just the facade of a building attached to its entrance? That weird old thing wants to be a hotel and even had grand plans for its L-shaped lot. Maision Dupuy Hotel owners Fillmore Hospitality crafted a lofty plan less than half a year ago that included 178 rooms spread out over two buildings. They scaled back once before due to height limits but were still shot down by City Council. Now, Fillmore Hospitality is back with a new plan for their proposed Cambria Suites.

Already, the Historic District Landmarks Commission's Architectural Review Committee has deferred a decision on the plan, which better masks the 65 foot buildings' heights, though apparently the design was a little too avant garde for the ARC, who are seeking more uniformity. The latest proposal also eliminated balconies to make for a more warehouse look in its appropriately named neighborhood.

Fellow Tchoup proposal 1035 Tchoup faced similar issues when filing new plans just two months ago. If all goes according to plan, Fillmore Hospitality will be sinking over three times more than they paid for the lot itself into crafting a brand spankin' new hotel.

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