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Curbed Cup Round 2: MidCity vs Garden District

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Curbed Cup 2014 kicked off last week with eight neighborhoods vying for the prestigious title, completely fake trophy, and bragging rights as the New Orleans Neighborhood of the Year. Round two continues with the final four showdown. Voting for each match-up closes 24 hours after it begins and this round's results will be reviewed tomorrow. Happy voting!

The first face-off between our final four neighborhoods pits crowd favorite MidCity against underdog the Garden District. If you'll recall the results from last week, MidCity handily received the most nominations and the most votes. Readers have been weighing in on the much-loved neighborhood, where many feel that the last true vibes of New Orleans can still be felt. Whether it's the promises of the new Lafitte Greenway that lures you to MidCity or the relatively affordable rentals and on the market homes that convinces you to stay, MidCity is definitely proving its logo correct — that it's indeed all about the love. The Garden District, with its regal mansions, multi-faceted cuisine, fantastic coffee shops, and history on display, stands as one of the most fascinating neighborhoods in New Orleans. 1331 Third St, the home of Edgar Degas' uncle, along with La Casa de Castille immediately come to mind as sweeping representations of the melding of New Orleans' past to its future. Is that reverence enough to win Curbed Cup 2014?

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