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Curbed Cup Round 2: Uptown vs Bywater

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Curbed Cup 2014 kicked off last week with eight neighborhoods vying for the prestigious title, completely fake trophy, and bragging rights as the New Orleans Neighborhood of the Year. Round two continues with the final four showdown. Voting for each match-up closes 24 hours after it begins and this round's results will be reviewed tomorrow. Happy voting!

It's another battle of the underdog against the crowd favorite — the come-from-behind Uptown faces off against our reigning Curbed Cup champion, the Bywater. Much like the Garden District, Uptown's got loads of history hiding in its mansions and has some of the largest, most expensive homes in the city. Its rentals are a pleasantly mixed bag of affordable housing catered towards students (bear in mind Tulane and Loyola are just a 'hood away) along with higher end rentals, some of which are geared more towards film crews. Its outdoor spaces certainly aren't anything to shrug at, either. Sweeping, dog-friendly parks, pools for the summer months, and even a pumpkin patch for the fall makes Uptown a great place to enjoy nature in the city.

The Bywater is riding high on Crescent Park's continued expansion as well as the cozy Markey Park. Home rentals are a mixed bag for entirely different reasons as this neighborhood continues to gain prominence. Its on the market homes are colorful, renovated, and rather pricey, though the amenities of a peaceful neighborhood near the river are a definite perk. Restaurants continue to open both in the Bywater and along its borders — Kayla's touts $6 plates on St Claude and Red's Chinese puts a spin on the cuisine. Which neighborhood will have its just deserts and which will advance to the final round of Curbed Cup 2014?

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