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This Gentilly Estate is The Most Interesting Fixer-Upper in NOLA

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A faux lamp post next to an elaborate L-shaped bar; a sunken stone bathtub in the center of the master bathroom; two pink commodes across from the tub, one of which might just be a bidet. These are the interesting touches that makes 1601 Mirabeau St much more than a fixer-upper. The gargantuan Gentilly estate spans 7,000 square feet with enough room for six bedrooms and three and a half baths. Tipster Zachary Dieterich wrote in with this find, adding that "it's unfortunate the realtor isn't a better photo taker so these 'amenities' could be admired more... or perhaps that was intentional?" Just try to make sense of this elaborate home and feel free to send us more listings that catch your eye via Facebook, Twitter, email, or right here in the comments.

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