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Curbed Cup 2014 Round Two Recap: Next Stop, Final Round

The final round of Curbed Cup 2014 kicks off tomorrow after a riveting semi-final which saw top seed MidCity eliminated by the underdog, the Garden District in an unprecedented showing of neighborhood solidarity. Likewise, reigning champ the Bywater beat out Uptown in a brutal race that tallied 204 total votes. Could our predication that the much vaunted, often polarizing Bywater goes 2-0 come true? It all rests on you, dear reader. Voting begins in the final Curbed Cup 2014 match-up between the Bywater and the Garden District tomorrow and lasts all the way until January 2nd, where polls will close at noon CST. In the meantime, we'd love to hear what your favorite part of either hood is, or isn't. So says one particularly surly reader, whose imagination made us seriously think we'd overlooked a Prospect.3 installation — "The new 'pyramid of locals' skulls' on St Claude scares me away from the Bywater."
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