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$1.015M Gets You Five Bedroom in Lucrative Lakeview

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Apparently the next big neighborhood in New Orleans is in the Lakefront area. According to, the 70124 zip code is the third most searched in their database. Want to live in (now) lucrative Lakeview and do so in style? 6922 Memphis St may be your best bet. Comprising a two story, five bedroom, four and two half bath home as well as a lot and spacious backyard, the entire property spans 4,639 total square feet. This newer gem includes a cabana as well as "audio/visual equipment" (read: there's a TV in the bathroom) and a security system plus house generator in case of emergencies.

Custom features include what appears to be an outdoor brick oven, a bevy of attics, whatever overkill a "hydro tub" may be, and slightly unfinished black cabinets in the kitchen, unless they were designed that way in a bid for rustic grit. $1.015M gets you an interesting home in a burgeoning zip.

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