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Live Large in Historic Top Floor Livaudais Plantation Condo

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Live above a historic in a building so large it spans nine units. 2726 Prytania St was built circa 1830s as a Maisonette Creole in the former Faubourg Livaudais. Its ultra-spacious 2,199 square foot penthouse hits the market at $599K, boasting regal hardwood and marble flooring throughout its two bedrooms and two baths.

Long before the Garden District became the Garden District and jumped ship to New Orleans, a large portion of the lush, fertile area was called the Faubourg Livaudais and located in Jefferson City, named after a sugar plantation whose expansive plot of land now houses Commander's Palace, among other notable structures.

The Faubourg Livaudais was first subdivided in 1832 when Bernard Marigny's (yes, that Marigny) sister Celeste Philippe Marigny Livaudais sold the property in 1832. Livaudais originally acquired the plantation after ex-husband Jacques Livaudais failed to show up in court for a lawsuit that Celeste had filed against him. The Livaudais Plantation parcel, which runs between Philip and Harmony St, sold for $490K.

Its former life includes that of an apothecary in the 1890s and was lovingly restored in 1960, according to a plaque on its facade. The third floor penthouse features loads of natural light thanks to skylights and large windows as well as exposed beams and massive amounts of storage space. One such storage space may be large enough to qualify as an extra bedroom. Another perk of 2726 Prytania St #9? The condo puts you stumbling distance from the delicious, historic Commander's Palace.

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