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Curbed Cup Final Round: Garden District vs. Bywater

The time has come. It's the Neighborhood of the Year face-off you've all been waiting for. After two weeks of voting, it's time for the Curbed Cup 2014 final face-off. For this voting period, we're extending the voting hours. Y'all have until noon on Friday, January 2nd to decide if the Garden District or Bywater will rock the crown and carry the bragging rights until this time next year. Check out how the competing neighborhoods got to this point and vote away!

This is it — the final round of Curbed Cup 2014! Yesterday's recap has us primed and ready for a major match-up between the Garden District and the Bywater. Initially entering as an underdog, the Garden District has gained momentum on Curbed and beyond. Its name lends a hand to the latest NFL Play 60 commercial (where Peyton and Eli played, of course) and its history-packed homes are truly something to celebrate. Meanwhile, the Bywater continues its reign as not just neighborhood of the year but buzz-worthy location that offers good food, stellar art, and even its own green space in the form of the riverfront Crescent Park. We've rehashed the two's merits ad nauseam and now it's up to you, dear readers, to take that information and vote for your favorite.

Poll results

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