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Ammar Eloueini's Futuristic Shotgun-Style J House Takes Shape

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Tulane Architecture Professor Ammar Eloueini's ambitious J House captured our imagination all the way back in June, when we mapped our favorite starchitecture-designed structures in New Orleans. A combination of reader interest and a projected finishing date of this year has us checking in with the structure. Inspired by the shotgun-style house, this futuristic, twisting beauty packs a whole lot of movement into a 30x150' lot. Fabricated onsite, its interlocking frame is composed of two tubes that allow for a snake-like skylight at a particularly curved joint, resting at its highest a full ten feet off the ground. Thanks to Eloueini's built up and out approach, there's even enough room for a guesthouse, to say nothing of the main home's 2,230 square feet.

The home's exterior is composed of charred rainscreen wood cladding, which allows for further protection against the elements and will help preserve the home's longevity in our humid city. Eloueini's design has garnered acclaim since its plans were revealed at the Ogden Museum, eventually earning the J House a Design Excellence Award from the New Orleans Chapter of the AIA in 2009. Eloueini and co. planned to finish this $600K home (where Eloueini plans to reside, it turns out) this year, yet this photo taken December 29th suggests they have a ways to go.

The J House's dizzying progress since it first began construction in 2011 is admirable in itself. To a 2015 filled with more inspiring starchitecture-designed structures! We will definitely be keeping y'all posted on the J House's progress as it continues it plans for a green patchwork roof, backyard pool, and cabana.
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