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What $1,800/Month Rents You in New Orleans

Welcome to Curbed Comparisons, a column that explores what one can rent for a set dollar amount in various New Orleans neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $1,800

↑ This 100+ year old Irish Channel home sure doesn't look its age. A major renovation anchors its natural-light filled interior, complete with granite countertops and sweeping hardwood floors. With three separate entrances, this three bedroom, two bath home makes it easy enough to share a home with just about anyone. 4210 Annunciation St is mildly pet-friendly (it depends on what you've got) and appears to include a washer and dryer. $1,800 a month gets you this revamped beauty near the parade route.

↑ Oh, 422 30th St, you are far too young to have such blurry photos. Preferring a soft focus over a bit of clarity, on paper this West End home really isn't that bad. An open floor plan makes its spacious three bedrooms and two baths appear even larger, to say nothing of its massive amounts of storage space. Other amenities include a spacious yard with a patio and a real deal working fireplace. $1,800 a month gets you this seemingly covert home.

↑ The only rental to advertise an additional property if you're not satisfied with it, you'd be hard pressed to consider 11 Marlboro Gate Pl a bad deal. This three bedroom, two bath has enough natural light bouncing off its pristine hardwood floors to nearly blind you and an open kitchen and living room that's sure to please while entertaining. The only thing this rental isn't cool on is pets, which it absolutely does not allow. Alas. $1,795 a month puts you in the heart of Freret.

↑ Never before have we seen a rental so pumped up about being pet-friendly and in Lakeview. Both are explicitly highlighted on the listing for 202 Homedale St. Another renovated property, this two bedroom, two and a half bath has every new thing imaginable from floors to appliances. All appliances are included along with central heating and cooling and ceiling fans. Another awesome amenity? A wet bar. Forget the spacious master bedroom, $1,800 a month gets you a place to imbibe and so much more.

↑ Another awesome Irish Channel rental, 3122 Chippewa St has every appliance you could want, plus off-street parking. Sadly, there aren't a lot of photos of this home, though it appears to be a pretty standard three bedroom, two bath. $1,800 a month gets you this single family home.
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