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Watch Gallier Hall Transform in Our Luna Fete Recap

New Orleans may very well become the future of a highly sophisticated art — video mapping. Using the iconic Gallier Hall as its canvas, French-based La Maison Productions combined copious projectors and cutting-edge software to transform the building into an animated celebration of the city dubbed Luna Fete. Built in 1845, Gallier Hall was once city hall to New Orleans and continues to be used for events and receptions. It's been a registered historic landmark since 1974.

In crafting the perfect show, every square inch of Gallier Hall's facade was measured. That attention to detail was on full display during Luna Fete's twice nightly performance run from November 30th to December 6th. It certainly won't be the last show of its kind, as the Arts Council New Orleans officially launches an initiative for similar video mapping projects that will run until 2018, when the city celebrates its Trincentennial. Miss out on Luna Fete? Check out our videos and photos from the final Luna Fete performance below.