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Three-Bedroom CBD Condo Boldly Shoots For $2,375,000

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It's hard to imagine what this new-to-the-market condo would look like without its Hard Rock Hotel-meets-sports memorabilia hall of fame vibe, but we're going to guess bare walls won't make the $2,375,000 price tag any easier to swallow. Keep in mind, this three-bedroom, three-bath space at the Walle Building in the CBD didn't even break the half-a-mil mark when it sold in 2008 for $425,000. The Natchez Street listing says "this oversize double condo has been renovated to the ninths!" (huh?) and makes sure to namedrop the 2012 Forbes article that mentioned the Warehouse District as one of "America's Best Hipster Neighborhoods." Looking past the Pepto Bismol bathroom with a Jim Morrison painting over the tub and the signed Dave Matthews Band guitar in the office, the place is spacious at 3,421-square-feet and has parking and rooftop access (even if that ladder in the bedroom is the only way up). Condo fees are $1,365 per month.

· 410 Natchez St., Apt. 9 []