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South Market District's 'The Beacon' Will Rise This Summer

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Welcome The Beacon, the South Market District's third building, to the downtown development party. Construction won't start on the apartment/retail combo until late this summer, so there is plenty of time to guess what shops will move in to the 20,000-square-foot retail space. The Beacon will be home to 114 apartments on the corner of Girod Street and O'Keefe Avenue, right across from South Market District's first building, The Paramount.

An announcement on who will be setting up in The Paramount's 22,000-square-feet of retail space should be coming in the next couple weeks. Hint: it "will include an eclectic mix of food and beverage tenants." And in case you missed it, The Park, the second building in the South Market District (SoMa, SoMaD, what are we calling this place?), will have Arhaus furniture store holding down the fort.
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