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Proposed Courtyard Brewery Plays The Waiting Game

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Courtyard Brewery plans via onestopapp

Plans for the Courtyard Brewery to set up shop in a Lower Garden District warehouse are at a standstill for now. Things were chugging right along until that damn "winter storm" shut down the city, canceling the January 28 City Planning Commission meeting. The Uptown Messenger reports that the CPC did toss a couple conditions into the ring — no live music and no outdoor events — and the future brewery owners plan to renegotiate those items. Their plans do include spots for indoor and outdoor "musician areas" (see images below). Things have now been pushed back to the March 11 meeting, leaving lots of time for the newer, more detailed drawings to be examined. Obviously, talk of a February or March opening are out the window, but the owners are hoping for a Fourth of July launch.

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