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Six New Orleans Rentals Made For Single Living

It's Valentine's Day and instead of romantic rooms, sexy spaces, and spacious spreads that scream "cohabitation," let's focus on living single, shall we? Here now are six spots for rent around town that were made for the single dweller.

This 800-square-foot studio is perfect for the brooding single who wants to hole up on the third floor of a 200-year-old building while staring longingly out the window at French Quarter rooftops. Perks include shiny hardwood floors, a huge closet, washer/dryer and dishwasher, plus an intercom to screen prospective wooers. No pets, no smokers, and rent is $1,625 a month.

↑ This darling mini-kitchen means solo cooking is a good thing since well, there's not really room for anyone else in there. The "cozy spot" on Esplanade Avenue is 500-square-feet and renting for $800 a month.

↑ "Best suited for a single person," begins the ad for this "luxury" one-bedroom in the Marigny. It's in a prime location, has been completely renovated, and has a nice leafy back patio. The $1,400 per month price tag for this 600-square-foot rental is a bit of a harsh reminder of the financial benefits of shacking up, though.

↑ Whoever ends up renting this Bourbon Street third-floor walk-up basically has no choice but to live alone considering the place is just 365-square-feet. Rent is $950 and utilities are included.

↑ Calling this 400-square-foot studio "large" is beyond a stretch of the imagination and it's hard to say if the walk-in closet is in fact "HUGE" at this Uptown space. Points awarded for the natural light, pool, the fact that a dishwasher was able to get squeezed into the kitchen, and the cheap rent of $695.

↑ For the high-end bachelor(ette), this Warehouse District studio has an "edgy floorplan design," whatever that means, in the 550-square-foot space. Bonus: set the mood with remote controlled lighting from the comfort of your couch that's conveniently in the "designer kitchen." The exact address isn't provided but there is mention of this being one of the newest constructions downtown. "Most of the utilities" and one reserved parking spot is included in the $1,850 per month rent.

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