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Wrecking Ball Will Knock Out Seven Buildings for CVS Pharmacy

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Seven buildings along Elysian Fields and Claiborne Avenues were approved for demo to make room for a CVS pharmacy. The Lens reports that Team CVS did meet with some reps from the St. Roch Improvement Association yesterday and will "revise the site plan based on their input." One member wasn't pleased that this project just seemed to pop up (a community meeting was held a couple months ago two miles away from the proposed site) and said, "There are a lot of issues that need to be talked through before we start tearing down buildings." The corner site of the Chevron gas station will be a parking lot for the 13,600-square-foot store. Other buildings destined to meet the wrecking ball are a funeral home, some metal structures, and two residences (see below).

· City approves demolition of seven buildings for CVS at Elysian and Claiborne [The Lens]
· Elysian Fields CVS plans would clear out seven buildings [Curbed NOLA]
· Proposed demo agenda Feb. 17 via Preservation Resource Center of N.O. [flickr]