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The Story Behind the 'Haunted/Not Haunted' Real Estate Signs

The "Haunted/Not Haunted" real estate signs around the French Quarter are getting some national attention after actor George Takei posted a photo of one to his facebook page, raking in over 120,000 "likes." The signs, which usually hang from balconies and have "Haunted" posted on one side and "Not Haunted" on the opposite side, are the brainchild of local real estate broker Finis Shelnutt. He told USA Today the signs are "more of a joke to drum up business," although he does believe the eight properties he has on the market are indeed haunted (so this Quarter condo he owned with ex-wife Gennifer Flowers would be one of them.) Shelnutt, who just so happens to own French Quarter History & Ghostbuster Tours, didn't go into detail concerning the ghosties in his on-the-market properties but did mention a, um, "frequently swinging trash can lid" in his kitchen.
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