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Check Out What's New With City Park's Master Plan

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City Park board members gave the thumbs-up to a few changes concerning the park's master plan at a meeting yesterday, the first amendment to City Park 2018, as it's called, in three years.
Highlights include:
· A location change for the proposed $5 million City Splash water park. Previous plans had it near the hubbub of City Putt/Storyland/the botanical and sculpture gardens. Its new site near Palm Drive and the railroad tracks will allow for a parking area.
· A new catering building got axed from the plans and so did a ball diamond, but a disc golf set-up might take its place.
· A reaffirmation that the Louisiana Children's Museum will be moving from its Julia Street location in the CBD to a new 51,000-square-foot building on 8.4 acres opposite the Festival Grounds. Its Early Learning Village project will have a performing arts space, an edible garden, and a small nature center.
· Master Plan: City Park 2018 [official site]