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Buy An 1800s French Quarter 'Mini Estate' For $3,595,000

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While the photos of this French Quarter tomato warehouse-turned-"amazing mini estate" look a bit dated, especially compared to this 2009 Wall Street Journal feature, the Madison Street digs did just hit the market yesterday so perhaps better images will emerge. Until then, marvel at the way the four-bedroom, four-bath "contemporary complex" is able to blend the finest qualities of your mee-maw's Florida condo with an indie theater set-up, complete with red curtains and a circular bar (this was home to the Gallery Circle Theater in the 1950s). The two connected buildings make up 5,074-square-feet of living space and there's an income-generating 1,834-square-foot commercial property. If the interior is too perplexing, there's always the leafy green courtyard with a brick patio, lap pool, fountains, and a real Quarter perk — a two-car garage. A "businesswoman in the mattress industry" paid $950,000 for this place in 1998 and when it was listed in the WSJ spread five years ago it was shooting for $3.65 million. Its current ask: $3,595,000.

· Listing: 525 Madison St. []
· French Quarter Living [WSJ]