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Check Out Five Last Minute Mardi Gras Rentals

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Fear not, Carnival revelers who have yet to seal the deal on accommodations and last minute party people who want to get in on the action. While most hotels are at capacity there are still plenty of homes (or at least bedrooms) available as the countdown to Mardi Gras madness begins.

This one-bedroom "treehouse" apartment usually rents for $250 a night but 'tis the season, it's now going for $525 per night. There's not an exact address for the airbnb rental but it is on Kerelec Street and apparently a five-minute walk from Armstrong Park, so the Quarter carousing isn't too far away. The most brilliant thing about this place: there's keyless entry so no worries about losing your keys, not that things like that ever, ever happen.

↑ For the minimalist tourist, here's a mattress on the floor in Tremé. Why tonight costs $300 and Saturday night is $200 remains a mystery.

↑A half-block off of the St. Charles Avenue parade route in the Garden District, is this airbnb rental asking $600 per night. The one-bedroom apartment comes with maid service, breakfast is provided and for those looking for the er, whole New Orleans experience, "there is believed to be a ghost who loves fun and only makes noise when the house is lonely."

↑ A block off the parade route in the Lower Garden District, the 1,000-square-foot apartment in this 1890s mansion is $250 per night with a minimum stay of three nights. There's even a balcony for those who feel the need to get their Bourbon Street bead-pelting craziness out, LGD-style.

↑ Up a winding staircase ("no elevator, so you have to walk up the stairs to the 4th floor. are you a healthy fit person? awesome you'll love this. are you extremely drunk and falling over? lulz good luck") is this French Quarter pad on Royal Street for $215 a night. It's definitely not the prettiest place but the location is prime and "you'll be able to easily walk home at night no matter how late you stay out or how many awful decisions you make."

[Editor's note: Apparently, the Uptown listing from Craigslist was a scam and has been removed.]