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For $95/Night, You Can Stay in a Party Bus Under the Interstate

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photos via airbnb

'Tis the season for Mardi Gras visitors to search for places to rest their bead-pelted heads without paying the astronomical hotel rates. And how fitting, here's an RV-turned-party bus with a dance pole, smoke machine, surround sound, and "LED DJ lights" to keep the party going. According to the Airbnb listing, the owners are real estate developers and own a Lower Garden District mansion which they rent out for $1,272 a night. But they also have this "party RV" that sleeps four, has a full kitchen and bath, air conditioning, heat, and cable for $95 per night or $120 per night on weekends. A couple stipulations, though. The party bus is parked across from their house under the interstate at night (fun!). The ad says there are no safety issues to report, although "asking if it is safe is a tricky question because anything could happen anywhere," which is true. Apparently, the traffic noise can be drowned out by the air conditioner. The other caveat: this rental on wheels is also used to pick up guests of the mansion on weekends, but only "1-3 times max and at a max of about 45 minutes each," so guests should plan their pole-swinging partying accordingly.

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