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Big Reveal: Uptown 'Penthouse' Condo Wants $539,000

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And, now, the answer to this week's PriceSpotter asking-price guessing game.

Address: 1113 Peniston St.
Asking Price: $539,000
The Skinny: Curbed voters were so, so close to nailing the correct asking price of this two-bedroom, two-bath condo Uptown. The majority of the votes went to the $485,000 price tag (32.8 percent) but 32.1 percent of y'all guessed the correct $539,000 listing price. Twenty percent were wishful thinkers, going for the cheapest option ($415,000) while 14.5 percent went in the other direction, figuring it was $565,000. The gleaming "penthouse" with slanted ceilings, exposed bricks and beams, skylights, and a wall of windows in the main bedroom has been on the market a tad under a month.

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