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Garden District Mansion Now $7,999,999 After $1.5M Price Cut

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The priciest manor on the market just chopped $1,501,000 off of its $9,500,000 asking price but the Garden District mansion is still ruling the most expensive roost with its new $7,999,000 price tag. The seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom house with a lavish ballroom, elevator, and grand center staircase hit the market in January 2013, trying for $12.5-million before whittling it down to its previous ask. In case 10,516-square-feet isn't roomy enough (or you prefer to keep your house guests at a distance) there's a 1,500-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bath carriage house on the property. The listing rattles off the mansion's perks: "moldings enhanced with gold leaf, marble mantels, custom designed rugs, ceiling murals, and spacious grounds with a classically inspired pool" and fun fact: this Third Street joint is apparently one of the first houses in New Orleans to have indoor plumbing. According to Preservation in Print, Walter Robinson, a cotton merchant from Virginia, nabbed this corner lot in 1857 and the home was completed in 1867. It was a "fancy boarding house" in the early 1890s; the home to the president of the Canal Barge Company for 60 years; and in 2000 it sold for $2,225,000.
· Listing: 1415 Third St. [Latter & Blum]
· Preservation in Print [official site]