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Big Reveal: 3,402-Square-Foot Uptown Home Wants $1.3M

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And, now, the answer to Monday's PriceSpotter asking-price guessing game.

Address: 1467 Arabella St.
Asking price: $1,300,000
The skinny: Those who guessed that the price tag on this 3,402-square-foot Uptown abode is $1,300,000 were right on, all 31.5 percent of y'all voters. The $910,000 option brought in 34.5 percent of the votes; almost nine percent of hopeful voters picked the lowest option of $860,000, and 25 percent figured the recently renovated four-bedroom home was trying for a million bucks. Comments (all two of them) were evenly split. One reader wrote, "I'll take it" and the other seemed less than impressed with the decór decisions: "Paid thousands for a decorator and they couldn't pick out one paint color or wall treatment that isn't white." This place sold for $901,000 in 2011, brought in $734,000 in 2009 and oh hell, for old times' sake, $375,000 in 1997.

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