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The Historic Carver Theater Announces April 30 Opening Date

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Just last week the Carver Theater developers were hesitant to name an exact opening date after months of construction delays, but now it looks like April 30 will be the big day. The ribbon cutting shindig and opening night performance will coincide with International Jazz Day, The Times-Pic reports. Built in 1950, the Tremé theater was one of the first to cater to black audiences when the Jim Crow laws mandated segregation. The Carver closed in 1980, and in 1984 a medical clinic opened in the Orleans Avenue space. The flooding that followed Hurricane Katrina left about five feet of water in the clinic and after gutting the building, owner Dr. Eugene Oppman decided it should come back to life as a theater. Things to look forward to now that the $8 million reno is wrapping up: live music and theater performances, movies, and special events.
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