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Look Inside This 210-Square-Foot Mid-City Apartment

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A Mid-City house, chopped up into micro-mini studios, has produced what may very well be the smallest apartments for rent in New Orleans. For $600 per month (utilities are included), renters get 210-square-feet of space, the luxury of a private bathroom, a kitchenette, a "private bar," which we're pretty sure is micro-dwelling code for "counter," plus internet and cable access. The ceilings are 12-feet, and good thing since it's a loft bed set-up. There are several mentions of these "quirky and luxurious, private and cooperative" rentals being "green-oriented," so take that for what it's worth. Pets are okay, there's a large yard, and a washer/dryer on the premises.

· LIVE WORK THRIVE Loft Efficiency, Parking gated yard WiFi/cable [Craigslist]