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Inside Carrollton Market, Meet Barrel Proof, More

Welcome to Eater Tastings, where Eater NOLA editor Gwendolyn Knapp shares the best restaurant and bar news of the week.

RIVERBEND— Here's a look inside Carrollton Market, the highly-anticipated Southern farm-to-table restaurant from chef Jason Goodenough, expected to open Tuesday, March 18. Also, check out the food and drink menus right here.

LGD— Bridge Lounge will shutter on April 1, and Sylvain owner Sean McCusker, along with biz-partners Patrick Finney and Robert LeBlanc (also of Ste. Marie, and now Meauxbar fame), will open a shot-and-a-beer bar Barrel Proof inside. The back-to-basics bar program will be run by Liam Deegan.

FRERET— Here's a photo interlude Cure's five year anniversary bash. The Freret trailblazer/New Orleans cocktail powerhouse saw the return of many alumni for the event, including bigtime bartenders like Ricky Gomez, Danny Valdez, and Maksym Pazuniak, who slung drinks in throwback shifts.