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Tremé Home Taken Over by Floral Prints Wants $545,000

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It's not uncommon to see listings with an overdone, boldy-colored room or two, but this spot in Tremé, on the market since last November, uses nearly all of its 4,344-square-feet to showcase dramatic interior design choices with a heavy emphasis on the draperies and floral patterns. Sure, much of the cringe-worthy decór will be cleared out when a sale occurs but, lawd have mercy, it's tough to imagine any sort of serenity in this five-bedroom, three-bath home when everything is just so loud. A few of the rooms do lean toward the formal, elegant side of things but then look out! One of the kitchens is covered in flowery forest green wallpaper with a matching trippy alcove (yes, there are two full kitchens) and the gaudiest bedroom is made worse by the pile of creepy dolls. While this Dumaine Street dwelling sort of laid out the welcome mat for mockery, it's worth noting that the exterior looks pretty nice and it's on a good-sized lot. The asking price: $545,000. Wallpaper removal and paint job estimate: unknown.

· Listing: 2224 Dumaine St. [Keller Williams]