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For $2.6M, A Historic 'Freret's Folly' Garden District Home

Hard to believe that this grand 6,627-square-foot Garden District residence was ever anything other than ultra-desirable real estate but true story, it was once an "oops." Rewind to 1861 when architect William A. Freret decided to build a row of five once-identical homes along Coliseum Street. Only problem was, the Civil War wasn't exactly speeding things up in the home sales department, which led to Freret's bankruptcy and this block of houses becoming known as "Freret's Folly." Clearly, things are all right now in this part of town and the just-listed six-bedroom, eight-bathroom dwelling with 13-foot ceilings, which sold in 2012 for $1,385,000, is now shooting for $2.6 million. Amenities include marble fireplaces, Italianate medallions, a ballroom, plenty of balcony and porch space, a view of the "Benjamin Button house" across the street, and Sandra Bullock as a neighbor.

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