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Big Reveal: 2,065-Sq.Ft. Broadmoor Bungalow Wants $439K

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And, now, the answer to this week's PriceSpotter asking-price guessing game.

Address: 4546 S. Galvez St.
Asking price: $439,000
The skinny: This was a close one! Thirty-six percent of voters nailed the correct $439,000 asking price for this three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath abode, but the $525,000 option got one more vote (36.6 percent). Just 6.9 percent of voters went for the lowest option of $320,000 while 20.6 percent figured the Broadmoor bungalow was shooting for $629,000. On the market for about six months now, the last time this 2.065-square-foot home sold was in 2000 for $201,101.

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