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Piety Street Recording Studio in Bywater Asks $895K

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For those looking to score a piece of property with a musical past, behold the Piety Street Recording studio in Bywater. Back in August, producer/musician Mark Bingham announced he was closing up shop at his highly revered studio, which hit the market with an $895,000 ask in January. Bingham bought the corner building at Dauphine and Piety Streets in 1999 for $129,000, and the place has seen the likes of Tom Waits, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dave Matthews, and an extensive list of local talent. The 4,865-square-foot ground floor area, a former post office from the 1920s, has a 758-square-foot attic apartment, a yard, off-street parking, and just in time for summer, it's fully air conditioned. Bingham told The Times-Pic, "The spiritual intention of the city of New Orleans and its music scene is vastly different than it was 10 or 20 years ago. It would have been fine to keep going, but I felt the world had changed," which is a perfectly fine real estate mantra, eh? The property is zoned B2, which means it could be anything from a multi-fam residential spot to a bakery, restaurant, small retail set-up, artist studios, or a bed-and-breakfast (to name a few).

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