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Check Out Four New Orleans 'Hotels' With Terrible Reviews

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Sure, it's fun to check out all of New Orleans' grade-A, posh accommodations but these lodgings with terrible reviews are worth a look, too. Have a hotel nightmare of your own? Feel free to hit up the tipline or share your cringe-inducing tales in the comments section below.

This photo of Midtown Hotel New Orleans is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Midtown Hotel
Location: 3900 Tulane Ave., Mid-City
Number of terrible reviews: 68/107
Booked the hotel for a two night stay during Mardi Gras, because of its location it seemed like a good place be. Upon checking in our room wasn't ready at 3 pm, we left our bags and went to Bourbon Street, when we returned we were told that the room had leaks and we would be placed in another room for the night and switch the following night. When I entered the room it was disgusting, holes in the walls, leak marks on the ceilings. Figured it was only for one night so I'd suck it up, when i went to take a shower, the water started backing up and hair and what appeared to be pubes floated back up the drainage pipes not to mention the tub looked like someone spilled paint in there and left it there. The property advertises wifi, dont believe the hype, also there is no business center or computer center. IT'S NOT WORTH PAYING FOR.

This photo of St. Vincent's Guest House is courtesy of TripAdvisor

St. Vincent Guest House
Location: 1507 Magazine St., Lower Garden District
Number of terrible reviews: 171/373
An example: "The Addams Family Revisited"
Completely HORRIBLE. No window blinds. Plastic sheets. Toilets did not work. Roaches. I was told it was their best room. Went back downstairs and requested another room. They gave me a key. I went to the room and someone was already in it...naked on the bed. Walked down to a dark hallway and was propositioned sexually. Decided to get the heck out of dodge. COMPLETELY UNSAFE AND DOWN RIGHT NASTY!!! They refunded one day of my stay and still owe me for the second. I decided to chalk it up to a lesson learned. It use to be a beautiful its a FLOW HOUSE!!!

This photo of Empress Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Empress Hotel
Location: 1317 Ursulines Ave., Mid-City
Number of terrible reviews: 86/147
An example: "NASTY AS HELL - DON'T GO!"
Rooms are dirty, very small like jail cells, walls are cracked with water spills marks on them. Bed broken. Bathrooms dirty and falling apart! Nothing to put any thing at no closets or refrigerators! In the middle of the hood! Joanne is a rude and inconsiderate! Don't go here not worth it!

This photo of Chateau Dupre Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Chateau Dupre Hotel
Location: 131 Decatur St., French Quarter
Number of terrible reviews: 118/294
An example: "The absolute worst hotel experience ever"
The room was not only dirty and old but had a terrible odor (it smelled like the restaurant below). The thermostat was hanging from the wall, it had a leaking faucet in the bathroom along with a broken mirror and even the picture frame on the wall was broken. The ONLY thing this hotel had going for it was the location. We couldn't even get an extra towel for our room and the elevator was a joke!
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