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Jazzland Plans Revealed After Proposal Deadline Passes

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Friday marked the proposal deadline for the former Six Flags spot and while the Industrial Development Board (they own the property) have yet to spill the beans on any development details, the Jazzland Theme Park's plans are now entirely public. TPC-NOLA, a branch of the Paidia Company, a Baton Rouge-based themed entertainment development group, wants to turn the New Orleans East site into an amusement park with a waterpark, film backlot, and the Backlot Shoppes which would be a mixed-use venue. If this plan is the chosen one, Jazzland Park and the studio backlot would kick off the development to the tune of $50-million. Next up would be Baritone Beach Waterpark and once traffic picks up in the area, the Backlot Shoppes would open with retail and dining spots, a grocery store, a movie theater, post-production offices, and an extended-stay hotel.
The Jazzland plans weren't top-secret since they gave it a go in the initial request for proposal go-round when an outlet mall was chosen and eventually scrapped, but check out a few just-released details:
· Polynesian paradise would return in the Jazzland form of Bali Ha'i, the former Pontchartrain Beach hot spot.
· Plans for the backlot facility, which would be separate from the Jazzland antics, include a warehouse and storage area plus a French Quarter set and possibly a water tank.
· Actor Wendell Pierce's Sterling Farms supermarket has already been secured for the Backlot Shoppes space.
The Industrial Development Board prez told The Times-Pic last week that he "hoped to get the public selection process underway shortly after Mardi Gras." Their next meeting is March 11 and until the big winner is announced, applications are still being accepted on a rolling basis.
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