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There's Another Jazzland Plan and This One Includes An Ark

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A second group, Transformation Village, LLC, wants in on the redevelopment of the former Six Flags site, and their proposal also includes a Jazzland amusement park, a throwback to the theme park that ruled the New Orleans East roller coaster roost in the early 2000s. Transformation Village's ambitious seven-phase plan (which The Times-Pic says has "no clear source of funding or cost estimate") includes a whole gamut of options for the abandoned site; from a 450-foot Noah's Ark replica with a recording studio inside, to a center for students in the hospitality industry.

· Phase 1: The proposal says the three exits between mile markers 240 and 250 along I-10, with "the famous three exits to nowhere" could be the city of the future with 16,000 new homes, a new Jazzland amusement park, plus the redevelopment of the controversy-laden Grand Theater at Lake Forest.
· Phase 2: A water park called Atlantis.
· Phase 3: A dome-shaped "world shopping center" grouped according to continents with a food court and entertainment set-up.
· Phase 4: As a "symbol of our survival," of course, a 450-foot long Noah's Ark replica with an orchestra-sized recording studio. This would be surrounded by a "Garden of Tranquility, a quiet place for families to reflect on all we have."
· Phase 5: A sound stage backlot that would provide tours.
· Phase 6: Jazzland Resort and hotel complex
· Phase 7: Teaming up with University of New Orleans' College of Hospitality and Tourism and developing an on-site center for students and interns.

For those just tuning in, TPC-NOLA, a branch of a Baton Rouge-based themed entertainment development group, submitted their revamped Jazzland plans in February.

Their proposal calls for a theme park and a movie studio backlot to kick off development to the tune of about $50 million. Baritone Beach water park would follow and once traffic picks up in the area, the Backlot Shoppes, a mixed-use venue with movie theaters, a grocery store, and an extended-stay hotel. The Industrial Development Board's, (they currently own the 150-acre spot) selection committee scoured TPC-NOLA's proposal at a meeting about two weeks ago and asked for more financial details and info on the group's experience, which has since been submitted. The next meeting is tomorrow at 1 p.m.
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