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Luxury Apartments Take Over 147-Year-Old Synagogue

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A 147-year-old synagogue in the Lower Garden District has been transformed into 12 luxury apartments and they have hit the rental market. Developer Gregg Morris, the same guy behind the mixed-use Bywater property that houses Booty's Street Food, bought the Jackson Avenue structure in 2012 for $520,000, gave it a $700,000 million dollar-plus makeover and ta-da, The Synagogue will be ready for April move-ins. In a throwback to the synagogue's good ole' days, there's a replica of the original double staircase at the front of the building, a spiral staircase that once led to the balcony has been restored, and the millwork is original. A gargoyle was placed on the side of the building by a previous owner and yes, it is still hanging around.

On the first floor are five one-bedroom, 650-square-foot apartments going for $1,595. The second floor has three one-bedrooms renting for $1,850 and a two-bedroom, two-bath, 925-square-foot apartment priced at $2,195. The third floor has two split-level apartments in the front section of the building: a one-bedroom for $1,995 and a two-bedroom, two-bath for $2,295. The entire rear portion of the third floor is an 1,800-square-foot split-level penthouse, two-bedrooms and two-baths for $3,895. Perks include a private courtyard, parking, stainless steel appliances, and no need to write a check to the Sewerage and Water Board 'cause water and trash fees are included.

· Listing: 709 Jackson Ave. [Latter & Blum]