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Unfunded 'Dreamality' Wants In On Former Six Flags Site

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As the two Jazzland plans for the former Six Flags site are about to get poked and prodded by the selection committee at this afternoon's meeting, let's take a look at a lesser known proposal. Plans for Dreamality, a music festival of some variety, were submitted to the Industrial Development Board by the February 28 deadline, The Advocate reports, but, er, without the nonrefundable $5,000 deposit that's required for consideration.

So, since March 8, Brandon Blevins, the guy behind the Dreamality dream, has been trying to drum up financial support on but has only pulled in $25 of the $5,000 goal.The rambling plan is slim on actual Dreamality details: It's "a one of kind festival on the grounds of the Abandoned Six Flags" that's "not just a music festival" because "it will be able to allow movies to be shot at the park like it has been the past couple years." And then whatever this means:
"Another vision for Dreamality is to use portions of the money the festival makes is to also do what other developers over the years have done which is restoring the park. Its a dream within another dream. To put on a unique festival at a venue never seen before and bringing back the Six Flags site in a way never before imagined." Blevins writes that there's "nothing wrong" with the other groups' ideas to redevelop the site as an amusement park, but lists all the perceived issues, including this gem: "The park is located in the 9th ward which is notoriously known to be dangerous. It is well away from the bright city lights of New Orleans and other attractions in the city such as the French Quarter and Bourbon Street."
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