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Is a Permanent Transit Hub in the CBD's Future?

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Not okay with the lack of seating, shelter, and signage at CBD public transit stops being tossed in the "that's just the way it is" category, the non-profit group, Ride New Orleans, conducted a survey concerning the lack of amenities at the city's largest and busiest transportation hub. The results in a nutshell: people want a place to sit while waiting for their ride; lighting, signs, shade, maps, and public restrooms would be nice; and business owners are sick of crowded sidewalks. Eighteen bus lines roll through the Canal Street and S. Rampart/ Elk Place and Tulane Avenue area and a total of, erm, 30 seats are up for grabs. Several stops have zero seating options and no shelter (hi, hot summer sun and almost-daily downpours) and Ride New Orleans is suggesting a permanent transit hub, similar to ones in Lafayette, La., Detroit, and Little Rock . The Advocate reports that Regional Transit Authority CEO Justin Augustine is aware of the issues and that a downtown structure has been "several years in the works" (no concrete plans or details yet) but would depend on federal dollar bills. In the meantime, once City Hall gives the thumbs up, 20 downtown sites will get new benches.

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